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I met this guy at a pub and he said all the right things so we kissed and while we were kissing he put his hands on my ass, at the time I was drunk and didn't really mind, Now that I'm sober, I keep thinking if I shoul've let him do that, if it's against feminism or something to let the guy feel you up when you just met him? Does that make you 'cheap'? I know it may sound as a stupid question but I'm just trying to make sure I'm not making stupid decisions just for the sake of the guy or beacause society say's so. Id like to know different opinions on the subject.
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Well, if you like him its fine (I guess) and if you don't that's a different answer. Moreover being drunk is not a reason to blame yourself.

In my opinion, you should let this go, to keep you away from self destruction.
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