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I am 20 and my boyfriend is 21 years old. We had sex after about 3 weeks, when we found blood mixed with cum inside the condom. I am really worried as to what may have happened. I was not chumming then and even if by chance it would have been from inside me it couldn't have fallen inside the condom. Kindly help me with this. We found no apparent injury in his penis when we checked. This has never happened before. Any idea what may have caused bleeding and can there be any serious consequences?
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Nothing to get worried about..

As girls bleed after first sex or later

guys get the forskin break and they bleed when that happens.

Be happy to turn your boy to a man
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Well! As you suggest there was no injury with your boyfriend's penis then you must consult a doctor about this. Usually when the sex is too wild, bleeding a bit is normal. But here in your case, you would require some professional help I say.
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I think you should check again. Some cracks in penis are so minor that they are not visible with naked eyes. Either go to a doctor or examine yourself next time you make love.
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Yes! I agree with this one. This happened to me too while I was having sex with my girlfriend. I panicked a lot instantly as no cracks were visible. Later when I was taking bath, I could see the cracks. Maybe the cum or the liquids do not make it visible instantly. But this is common if you are having wild sex. But this isn't healthy at the same time as penis can also break if the sex is too too wild.
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totally not!!! you need to see a doctor!! there should never be blood. When there is blood from a girl maybe becuase she has the period but only then! If at any other point there is blood then please go see a doctor!!! Did you go? Did it happen again?
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