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I have had sex twice. Once over 10 months ago and once this past weekend. The first time was quick and painless. I didn't bleed and it didn't hurt and I was surprised. The second time was the opposite. He was drunk, so he was having a hard time getting hard while I was really nervous. I noticed some pain when he was fingering me but I thought it was pretty normal. We had trouble actually having sex, it wasn't going in easily. Once it did, I bled everywhere. Like a lot of blood. It hurt really bad to the point where I was almost in tears. He was nice about the bleeding, but I am still mortified and confused. Why did this happen? Is it possible my hymen didn't break the first time? I know it was probably more difficult because he was having issues as well, but we used lube so I don't know why it hurt so much and I bled so much.
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id he really penetrated you the first time your hymen should be broken... maybe some skin got injured and that is why its bleeding but in any case you should go and see a doctor!! not something to joke with and seeing a doctor does not harm that much so really suggest you to go visit one!!
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