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Hello! Im really worried because my girfriend and I had sex 50 hours ago and the condom I used broke inside her.I immediately stopped the intercourse and put on other condom. The thing which worries me the most is I usually have precum during foreplay and maybe sex, I went to the toilet to clean myself before the actual intercourse and to pee also. I didnt cum inside her, and I wasnt close to. It was 5 min since we started the act. My girlfriend usually has 28-30 days menstrual cycle but her latest was around 35 days for some reason. We had sex 2 days after her period ended (5 days period) so that means it was on the 7th or 8th day on her cycle. What are the chances of her getting pregnant and would you advice us to take Plan B for a thing like this because we are running out of time, and I dont know if it wont be for nothing
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oh no just seeing this... well there are chances that also with precum you can get pregnant...chances are low but they are long did you have sex until you noticed??

i mean now its to late for plan b anyways... wishing you good luck!
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