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I’m dating two guys at the same time but both are living in another city. I see Matt more often because we had a relationship before and it ended last year. He’s a good friend , I like to hang out and spend time with him. Sex was great when we were first dating but now I don’t feel the same kind of passion towards him anymore because someone else came into the picture this summer. 

His name is Henry.  Eventhough we don’t have so much in common and at times I don’t understand him at all, we have a very strong magnetic attraction. I dream about sleeping with Henry when I’m alone. But I also enjoy sleeping with Matt as well. Because he’s familiar. Everybody knows about the situation except I didn’t tell Henry that I’m still sleeping with my exboyfriend Matt, he knows we still see each other occasionally and perhaps figures that we might be sleeping together as well. But he didn’t say anything about it. Matt on the other hand knows that I slept with Henry all summer and he told me I’ll get bored of Henry eventually. 

I don’t know. I try to convince myself that I’m being honest but I’m afraid to lose control of the situation that is in case if I have any... 

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That is a very tough situation indeed... What if you stop dating both to see whom you miss more??
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stop with both and then you see what will happen!
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hahahahahaha very funny
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