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Hello! please, I need some advice...

After 3-2 years of taking them, I quitted the birth control pills on August :/

I heard/read that when you stop them, your body gets a little crazy and your period is sometimes late right?...

My last pill (active, not placebo) was on the 12 of August... I had my period as usual on the 15th and then i had sex (w/ condom) on the 6th of september -he didn't come lol- but on the 17th i also had sex, but he penetrated me ONCE without condom... so i freaked out and i took the morning-after pill right away (like. 3 hours later) because i didnt want to have surprises... then had sex again lol on the 22nd with condom...

Now, my period (regularly with the birth control pills if i would've keep taking it) should've come on the 12th of september... but due to these events i dont know... today's the 29th of september and there is no sign of symtoms either :/

I'm kinda freaking out because i don't know if i should do a pregnancy test or not.. i mean the possibilities are very low, but still.

Do you guys think that i might be pregnant? or is it just the fact that i quitted the birth control pills AND i took a morning-after pill on the same month that my body is still assimilating all this????
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