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So, I’m a 22 YO asian female who lives with a 50 YO male due to a unique circumstance. Initially, he tried to make a move on me after a few months living together, but I just ignored it. He did kind of groped and kissed me several times when I was sleeping (I know it sounds creepy and shit), and I almost gonna snap back at him. Long story short, aside from the “accidents”, I ended up falling for him after he helped me getting through my depression and other personal issues. Then, when I turned 20 (at the time), he took my virginity and we started having sex frequently ever since. The thing is, I don’t really want a relationship whatsoever, but I don’t know where we are heading to. I know he does have feelings for me as well, but he doesn’t seem troubled about the aimless situation we both are in. What are your thoughts about this? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou 


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Hey there ! Indeed a very special situation. But - at the end most love situations are special and it depends on your feelings .

Another but - obviously this here is a very personal opinion :) you are still young with 22 years old but at some point you should think about the future - do you want kids ? Do you want your kids to have a young father ? Or a grand pa ? Do you guys share the same values?

Btw one thing - the groping thing is for me a bit hard to digest ...

But again it always depends on the situation and you need to find out do you really love the man or is it just because you live together ..

A way to find out is to go on vacation alone or with friends ...

Does this make sense ? ;)
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