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WomenNow Forum, My boyfriend says he will dump me because I am not like other girls, who wear makeup and fashionable clothes., Love and Breakup
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What should I do? Please help!
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4 Answers

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If he says that he is clearly not the right one! He should love you for the person you are.

It’s understandable that sometimes it’s nice if a girlfriend puts some Makeup and such but this cannot be asked for like he is doing!

Did you ever ask him what he likes about you?

also what do you like about him?

Again I think he should not be so demanding otherwise he is not the right one!
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You shouldn't have to change yourself for a boy.

A boy who truly loves you, wouldn't threaten to break up because of what you wear or what you don't wear.

But relationships are all about compromise, if you truly want to make it work with your boyfriend maybe you should ask why it's important for him, that you wear makeup and fashionable clothes. Is it a constant thing he wants, or dressing up once in a while? You could possibly use it as leverage for something that bothers you about him and maybe you both can compromise to make eachother happy!

But you need to decide if that's someone you want to stay with. Because he sounds superficial.
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f***k him

he should learn to appreciate and love every part of you if he truly loves you !! That's really immature of him to dump you. you deserve a really better person who loves and accepts your everything. Never change for a guy's pleasure. Accepting each other's flaws is what love and relationship really mean. Instead of finding 'just flaws' find a person who'll see how great you are and would give you lots of love! I think you should totally leave him, find a person who treats you better as you deserve < 3 stay safe, love 


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I understand men fall with their eyes and girls with their ears which further means guys fall for what they see n we, what we hear. Having said that if he threatens you to dump you just because of this reason then there's some major issue going on with him. Displaying our desires and wants is not a bad thing but to say that he'll dump you for the same reason then I wonder what did he like about you when you guys started dating. Life is too short to live under constant fear and to surrender to anyone else's wishes. Think wisely and live carefree:)
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