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My boyfriend and I have been together since school. Right now we are pursuing graduation from two different colleges. We have constant arguments and brawls but still have not managed to separate. We have been together for 4 years. However, for the past few days I had been sensing a strange distance from his side, until I found out one day that he was virtually having sex with a married woman online. He spoke, video chatted and sex chatted with her even as we were meeting, also making love. It completely broke me. He is sorry for what he has done. He is begging for forgiveness and says that he doesn't want me to forcibly make a decision as to whether to accept him or not, but that he'd be grateful if I did. Can he cheat on me again provided I forgive and accept him right now?
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If u ask me then i would suggest you not to trust him again people who cheat never change and for you? Nah never im saying this from my own personal experience i know how u must be feeling i have already been through this and even still struggling bt still i woukd suggest you dnt give him another chance this is for your own sake he will always take you for granted and he will never change cheaters and change
Bt still its all upto you do as u want bt just keep my words in your mind

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It's completely your decision as you'll understand your relationship more than some online viewers. But if you ask me, he'll do it again because a cheater never stops at one.
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I would not be so harsh.. it is of course bad!! But everyone might have a weak moment. And as someone in an earlier comment said, why did he do this in the first place? Have a very open talk with him and ask him what it is that he does not have with you but needs to find somewhere else...
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forgive him once and then never again!!!
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