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It has been 12 months running that I talk to a guy whom I met on a online chatting app.He stays in a different state nad we cannot meet,we talk on whatsapp regularly and he calls me we even talked on video calls for many months,he is an awesome guy and a very good person but somewhere the problem starts when I started feeling for him.When I confessed to him about the feelings he told me not to be serious now as he cannot be serious so early.We never met and nver have spend any time together.He says he wants that meeting that time spending to know about me more and wants me to know about him more as he says by nowadays relationships are valueless ppl commit after 2 months of talking an after some months they breakup. He doesnt want that to happen,He is scared may be.On one hand I am becoming fustrated of not getting acceptance on other hand he doesnt want to part away niether I. What to do?
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