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I am a 20 years old female. My boyfriend is from the same college as I. We have not been dating for too long. It has been a few months. He is otherwise a nice guy, and we are pretty good friends but while we make out he has a tendency to bite me and slap my body which actually hurts me. I have spoken to him about this but he says that unless he does that he can't reach his climax. Is this normal?
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This thing is quite normal among couples sharing the same sense of humor.
Ask your boyfriend to bite softly while giving love bites. Slapping Your bums is okay,but as long as you enjoy it.If he is way to brutal with sex. Then get a better boyfriend who can connect to your emotions and not hurt you while sex yet give you all the pleasures of it.
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Well..maybe he's slightly retarded. Do not support.
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You boyfriend is into rough sex and trust me it's normal.It's just that everyone has different taste for sex.It's okay.If you are feeling damn uncomfortable with that,I suggest you convey that to your boyfriend or else just let him have fun :)
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Its not completely abnormal. At the same time if you are not ok with that, then he must accept it and stop doing so.
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