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My ex and I broke up on terms that cannot exactly be described as good, but it wasn't a messy break-up either. After an or so, he is back and the two of us have confessed to still having feelings for one another. However, I don't trust him anymore. Not that he broke my trust ever in the past. Yet, I have second guesses about him. He doesn't want a relationship as he says there are other priorities, which is true for me too. But, I'm not exactly sure about continuing the current state of our relationship either.
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Maybe there's no point in communicating with him. If your goals are completely different, why torture each other? You will certainly meet the person whose goals won't interfere with the construction of your relationship!
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In all honesty if you are feeling that you are not ready for a relationship with him then you shouldn't get back with him according to me. Sure, you may still have feelings towards him but when you already are having second guess about him and then you should give it a rest for sometime. Moreover, he is making it clear that relationship is not his priority then don't go for it.
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I agree what’s the point in being with him?

You don’t want a relationship and you don’t trust him so leave it ?

If it’s just for sex ok but be honest to you ...
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