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Our anniversary is coming up and I really want to give an awesome gift to my girlfriend. Met this lovely woman in a site for foreign women seeking men (yes, I’m into foreign ladies) and we hit it off pretty quick. She was so lovely to chat with. We met up a couple of times and we’ve been dating for almost a year now. I need ideas for the gift. I’m not really fond of giving out gifts to girls I date but since she’s much more special, I want to give her something that she will really appreciate. I know she’s into bags, shoes, and make-up but I have no idea about those stuff. I also kinda want something customized or made from the heart. Any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks ahead.
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handbag is a girls best friend....;-)
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Give her lipsticks. Go to a MAC store or any brand that she likes and try selecting the one you think would suit her. There is nothing like gifting makeup if your girl likes it.
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