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Met my husband through an international dating blog and at first, my mother in law did not approve of me. She thought I was some gold digger who was only after her son’s money. For some time, she really despised me. She did not know that I managed my own businesses. When she found out about my family background and my business investments, she suddenly became nice. Her son and I got married two years ago.

A few months ago, she introduced us to her boyfriend who is a bit younger than her. I didn’t think bad about him at first but now it looks like the real gold digger is here. I heard that the boyfriend keeps asking my mother-in-law to buy him and his kid expensive watches, shoes, gadgets, etc. and I also heard that he is still married to his wife and sees her from time to time. I only heard this from my mother-in-law’s best friend and I know she’s a reliable source. She is quite concerned as well.

How can we tell my mother-in-law that her bf is just using her for money? I mean it’s quite obvious but she’s in denial and we’re not sure what to do.

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You cannot out some sense into a person’s head when they are in love. If you try and tell her, she will never believe because I am sure the gold digger has manipulated her thoroughly.   Ask her son to talk to her. This is sensitive so it better you don’t get into the matter
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With depressions, it helps me to cope only with one of them. With such girls, it's not that you can get rid of depression, but even get away, and as soon as she leaves, I immediately get worse.

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