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I’ve been having constant arguments with my girlfriend recently. She keeps on ranting about her finances, her work, and her family but when I give her advice, she would always feel bad. She thinks I’m always rationalizing her situation but I think she’s just being immature about it. For her current situation, I would even say that she’s privileged enough. She works for herself. Her parents don’t ask money from her. In fact, they’re the ones giving her money. Her office is a bit stressful, I can say, but overall she’s pretty lucky than other Peru ladies. She really needs to stop her constant complaints for little things like not getting the latest shoes or her mom preparing fish instead of meat. How do I tell her that she needs to be mature without insulting her?
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Be very patient with your girl. Or maybe just let her decide on things for herself. Sometimes it just kills all the interest if you keep telling her what to do or how she needs to behave. She would mistaken that as your kind of control. And nobody likes that
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I'm not really trying to control her actions but I just want her to realize that she needs to work on herself more instead of complaining.
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