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After a year of being apart, my girlfriend and I decided to give it another try. We’re both very happy about it. I’m so thankful for my girlfriend for really loving me even though I have so many flaws as a boyfriend. Sadly, my family is not so happy about this. They think our relationship has become too toxic and us meeting in a marriage tour event makes it worse. My sisters and even my mother wish for us to separate for good but I’m not gonna let that happen. How can I make my family believe in my relationship? How can I convince them that my girlfriend and I are good for each other? Anybody in this type of situation? Thanks.
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The relationship that you share with your girlfriend should be your decision. Don’t let someone else’s validity determine your choices. You should set your priority. If family is your topmost priority, then listen to them. If not do what you want.
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Well that's a toughest thing one faces choosing between your love and family. Try sitting down with your family and tell them that you really do love her and you want to be with her and tie a knot with her. Also, you can tell them that you are not going to change your decision, hopefully, they will agree. If they don't, youbll have to choose.
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