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I am a 23 old woman. There is this person I have known for quite a while and whom I enjoy spending time with. We respect each other but the times when he tries to get close to me, (kisses, hugs, brushing of his hands against mine) I feel uncomfortable and sometimes even irritated. I enjoy his company and like him as a person but I am not ready to take things any further. I don't want to give him the wrong vibes and push him away. But it is just that unless I feel love for him I cant treat him like I would treat my boyfriend. I don't want to fake a passionate kiss.
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You have already answered your question subconsciously. You don't love this person but you like him a lot and so enjoy spending time with him. This is very natural. Express your feelings to him and see how he reciprocates. If he likes you he will respect your feelings and withheld himself from such action of his
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