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Hi, I am a 21 year old female. I am a sensitive human being and I get extremely attached to people once I consider them close. But somehow I am not able to keep people I get close to, especially girls. I long to have female friends and spend time with them just as two girls would; going shopping, movies, staying over the night at each other's places. I have only one or two girlfriends, who I actually hang out with, even though very rarely. But those very friends of mine have other girlfriends who they rather miss and want to keep hanging out with. Maybe I am a little boring and I cant express my feelings too much because I am an ambivert, I stay quite most of the times only listening to what others have to say. It really hurts that I can't build a rapport with my girlfriends and that other girls who have probably known my female friends for a shorter span of time than I, are more close to them. I have guy friends. It is not difficult for me to maintain friendship with them, I don't know why but it is very natural, I don't find the need to force the friendship. In fact two of my best friends are male. But the more I crave for time and attention from my female friends (even though I don't let them feel as though I am clingy) the more I can sense them moving away from me. Why does this happen to me? Please share whatever opinions you have.
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See this is not a question to be worried about. It depends upon one's perception and liking. Since you have already made up your mind with the thought that you won't be able to make any female friends, this notion is going to haunt you till you come out of your nutshell. The best remedy is to clear these thought out of your head alright. Make a new beginning, with the approach that you can challenge your negative thought. Once you are out of it, I believe you can gel well with the pretty ladies of your life. Hence give yourself a chance first instead of sticking to the same old issue of not being to befriend.
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Its not at all a problem. Same thing happens wid me 2. Its because guyz are easy 2 be wid n most of d gals have plenty of melodrama inbuilt in dem. Smtyms even i find myself nt able 2 cope wid gals. I find my gals laughing on d silliest of things. N i mi8 be standing der fake sharing a laugh lyk it was 2 funny. Bt i do hv got a gal bstfrnd wid d same amt. Of craziness same sense of humour n i luv being wid her. So its not about u its about d gals u r wid nw. Maybe smday u'll find a gal mate lyk u or maybe not. But if u don't find any gal mate don't blame urself be wid ur guy frndzz as a matter of fact dey r more fun 2 be wid.. wid less complications
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MAybe you're a tomboy and find it less drama hanging out wid males. :) :) that's all. m a tomboy too and i hardly have a female friend to count on. ! ! just chill out. it's all okay, girl ! !
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