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I am a single child and quite pampered by my mother. I feel that my being pampered at home has not only lead me to expect the same kind of treatment from others outside home, especially my peers but it also diminishes my weightage among them. There are a few who will 'baby' me but the others don't show me enough respect as though I'm not important when it comes to making important decisions or when it comes to knowing about important things. Why is it so? Could being pampered be a reason/the only reason or is it something else?
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no! and you can be papmered but still take decisions! just make sure when you take them you know waht you talking about and you have good reasons!
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It is nice to be pampered. But keep your expectations realistic. Most People will not like you. But if you think you are nice and don;t harm anyone. be the way you are.
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