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Oftentimes I face trouble with expressing myself freely in all aspects when I have people around. Whether it be in studying, working or seeking any form of entertainment, I somehow fail to be my real self and the trouble is I don't even get the space or the scope to understand myself completely because I'm conscious of letting myself go.

However I know of people my age who share their rooms with their parents but I don't know if they face similar kind of problems as I do.

I feel that sharing your room with your parents can hinder the development of your personality. I would like some of your opinions on this. Please. Thanks.
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Having a room for yourself helps you grow, and understand yourself better. But it doesn't mean that being in the same room as your parents can be a problem. When you think you need space you always have a chance to move out of your parents house. But you can also learn more when you are being with them.
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I think its better to have your room of you have the financial means to and also better for your parents but it is often also a matter of money and if you dont have enough money than it is also ok like this. you not a better person if you have your own room, more like a comfort aspect I think...
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Yes it is important to have a room of one own after a certain age as it gives someone a sense of freedom to mould his/her self into something they want to be. If someone is monitored 24/7 they will be not be able to express themselves or constantly thinking about what others think or will  tell them to do.
It doesn't mean at all that they need an another house or anything like that. It just mean they should be under there parents guidance by should be able to do stuff and be with them selves sometimes alone.
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