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My phone acts a an escape for me from no matter what. I find myself reach out to my phone when I have work to complete, or when I am not in a pleasant mood but it doesn't do any good to me. I am completely addicted to my android phone. it's just so difficult to avoid reaching out to it when I am bored, upset and when I don't feel like working. It hinders my proficiency in work and renders me lazy. Kindly give me suggestions to avoid using the phone as an addiction.
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Spend more time in extra curricular activities,  spend time with family, find new hobbies which will divert your mind from phone,read books

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Maybe you can't stop using your mobile phone all of a sudden. Just decrease the time you spend on your mobile phone slowly, like start with decreasing the time you spend on social media and then spend less time on texting.
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make phone usage times.... the morning to check news and messages, midday and afternoon and evening so not more than that! stick to them!
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