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This man has his girlfriend's (of two years) name tattooed on his wrist and yet on a casual meet, he asked to hold my hand. He asked how I would respond to him if he said he liked me. I reminded him that he has a girlfriend and that she wouldn't like him holding my hand. He told me he didn't understand what to think and that he just felt like holding my hand. He told me he loves her but he is extremely sweet to me, not even in a sexual way. I don't know what to make of this.
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stick away!! you only create trouble for you, his girlfriend and the guy obviously is not cool so better dont hang out and for sure no handholding whatsoever!
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This guy is just being flirty. He likes you yet he loves his girlfriend and there's a huge difference in being liked and loved..when you get closer or play along, at the end you'll be the one to get hurt and blame. He'll leave you and will never even know or   realise that he hurt you  badly..Stay away from him. I hope this helps.
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