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I feel uncomfortable disclosing my salary to to people when asked, somewhat due to superstitious reasons and also because I don't want to be judged. How do I avoid answering without being rude? I try to change the topic when on phone and when face to face I end up laughing it off like an idiot.
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Hey! Totally normal to feel uncomfortable!;)

Also what is the reason to ask... if you earn more it is awkward for the other one and if you earn less it might be strange for you..

In any case I never disclose anything but i make a joke like “it is too little that I could talk about it” or something like that.

I’d always try to say something like this but don’t say anything concrete and also stay friendly

And if they keep asking you ask why they want to know and what it changes if they do..
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Thanks for the help :)
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