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I have sufficient proof that my partner is cheating on me. How do I confront him with that? I think he will manipulate me again like he does always. How do I get out of this relationship for I trust him no more?
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What proof do you have?

Do you want to stay with him? If you know he is cheating you should maybe just quit him?

I would talk to him about it, just tell him you want to talk and then confront him - see if he tells you the truth... but most likely it is already too late...
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See ill suggest you to be confident and confront because if a guy once cheated you he'll do it again and again and in that process you'll start losing your respect in his eyes.

I had the same story i was in a relationship for past 1.5 years and my guy cheated me n number of times every time when i confronted he manipulated me emotionaly  because he knew i loved him alot.

So the only thing i did was collected everything whatever he did went to him and called her so called "girl" and then he face to face confronted that he was cheating. And after that i left it took me  6 months to handle myself but yes it was worth to let him go because i knw time is teaching him.

Karma is doing its work, the things he did to me he is facing the same thing and the funniest part is i am watching him

Sometimes its better to let go some of the toxic relations because anyhow it will harm you. The beautifull part is something more beautifull is waiting for you. So chill just confront and leave that stupid. You'll be okay trust me
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break up this relationship aint worth it
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