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I have been encountering with this very embarrassing issue during my sex, I fart ! When it happened for the first time, my boyfriend just laughed it away. Couple of times after also, it got ignored as a joke. But now it happens every time and all the time and I am so embarrassed with myself. And, I don't think even my boyfriend is comfortable with it anymore as in the midst of a hot and steamy sex session, there is farting. What could be more annoying? My face became red with shame last time and I have decided that until I do away with this problem I am not going to have sex. I am clueless as to why it happens. Please please please help me!
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This is happening because of indigestion. Indigestion leads to formation of gas and you are likely to fart during sex if your food isn't digested properly. Avoid foods that cause constipation like oily and fried food. Spicy food is also not advised. You will see improvements gradually! I hope this helps.
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go see a doctor
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