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I have always remained an obedient child. My parents have never been complained about any action of mine. I have a good track record at school and college but my parents still have no faith in me. I have tried speaking to them but they don't seem to understand and feel that just because other kids go the wrong way even I will. How do I make them understand that this harms my self confidence?
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Well, this is a kind of an universal problem because after reaching a certain stage we feel that we are governed by maturity so much so that even our parent's wise words compels us to leave a remark like"Uff.." As far your question is concerned I can understand what you are trying to say. But always remember that it isn't the case that your parents ain't trusting you. In reality they are overly concerned about you. Since in their eyes you are a good child they fear if this morality within you suddenly vanishes if by chance you fall under false friend's group. Look nothing's gonna make you lose your self confidence. Just make sure that you don't do anything behind your parents back. Do not hide from them anything. Discuss everything so that they can make a track of your doings, and remain obedient for ever. Do this things and their fear will slowly diminish and so will the thoughts of you regarding your parents.
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Hey, did you ever talk to them about it? I mean what did they say that makes you believe this? And, ask them for examples!
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You have been an obedient child.....but, probably, not an independent one. so, your parents probably have an idea that the moment you're left to do things may choose the wrong way like many other kids do. I'd suggest you start doing small things independently and start making your parents believe that you're capable enough to distinguish between the right and the wrong and that you're also capable of handling things on your own.
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