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Hello all,

My lovely sister is getting married, and I have been thinking of the best wedding gift that I could get her. I want to get her something very special, that will be with her forever. She has always been crazy about jewelry, so I thought fine diamond jewelry would be a good idea. I am planning to get it custom made. So I searched online for some good one’s, and found this, I really liked it. I thought I’d ask you all for suggestions. Is this a good one? Please help me with this.Thank you. 

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2 Answers

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Hey please don't buy these online. Visit a well known jewellery store and ask they if they could get it custom made.
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I agree - it is nicer to buy something more personal?!
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I would suggest you rather go and buy it by seeing. Sometimes the designs we see online are different from what they actually are in reality. Keep online shopping a last option.
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