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I suppose things like these come naturally to people. I have never been interested in anyone's fashion sense. While people around me would always point out the faults in other people's fashion, I was least bothered. This has carried on with me till now and so my answer to that would be 'No'. I'd rather judge someone by the way they talk and carry themselves than the way they dress.
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"Dress" is just a word which has stroke your head at the moment. But to be frank, what matters the most at the end of the day is your personality. The way you carry yourself is a reflection of your individual sense of intelligence and charisma. Dresses and all simply doesn't matter. Afterall you cannot tell every single girl regarding your likes and dislikes. Hint on their gait because that is more appealing. Moreover, tastes and choices falls under one's own preferences. So it's better to judge a person, in your case a girl in terms of their way of talking, your sharing of rapport, a kind gesture, and also someone  who respects you as a person. Dresses are merely fashion labels. But real beauty lies in one's way of presentation of the true self of a magnetic charm.
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No one should ever judge you by what you wear!!!!!!
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M happy looking at your answers that people really have different views about this and not those stereotypical views.

Thank You
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