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Well this is an absolutely private perception and thought. Though times have changed and modernistic outlook has overpowered us, yet somewhere I believe that if you are independent enough with the notion that you can look after yourself that's well and fine. No one can deny the fact that our parents are aging and won't be with us forever. So in a way you need a partner to make yourself feel  more secured. A healthy  and sexual life after marriage  will regenerate your conjugal life in a new way. Chances are that the changes the way you have been brought up so far and the afterlife of marriage will be pretty visible. Marriage is not compulsory but then when you think of your future,I believe you need a  shoulder to rest your head on, a family of your own.
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It is different for different people. If you feel complete with your partner without marriage it is fine as well. All that matters is how you feel. You don't necessarily have to do it just because the family pressurises you to do so. Get independent and then nobody practically can force you into anything. This is the truth.
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