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Me and my bf are 25 yrs  old and are in relationship for 2 yrs.. We decided to tell our parents 4 months back.. He got an easy OK from his family..but my parents asked for his horoscope..unfortunately he had chevvai dhosham.. So my parents strongly said no.. Me and him didn't hav belief in I told him tat I ll convince my parents.. But his dad was getting retired in 6 months.. So he was not ready to wait till my parents get convinced.. He start d pressurising me a lot regarding this.. He asked me to come away from home.. But I said a strict no.. I said I needed some time to convince them.. But he said he s not ready to wait.. Now two weeks back he said tat he wanted to fulfill his dad's wish of getting him married before this March and he can't wait for my parents to get convinced.. So he just said a bye and left me.. All alone.. I feel so doomed.. Wat mistake did I do here? Shud he not wait for me? I feel my two years of love has been exploited.. Shud I step out of my house against my parents?
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First of all, I'm really sorry for what you are going through. Coming back to your dilemma, All I have learned through my experience is any relationship stands on three things; love, trust, and respect. Any relationship that lacks any one of these would crumple down eventually. Unfortunately here both of you are right. If your bf is telling the truth then he must love his parents a lot and that's not wrong. But it is totally wrong to just abandon someone like this. So the best way would have been for you to give him exact time you want and he should have waited that long. If your parents were still not convinced then part ways gracefully. If you can talk to him about this I think it should work. But if it doesn't you should gracefully walk away from someone who doesn't deserve you.

Hope this helps...
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