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I am no parent but I and my brother were raised in a pretty moderate environment. We were let to do the things we like, go out with friends, spend time as we liked. But all this was always moderated; if we stayed late we needed to let our parents know where we were and when are we returning. If we were meeting someone we needed to tell our parents who and why. This let us keep our actions in check and I think that's the right kind of freedom my parents gave me. We did get punished if we crossed lines and my parents never let me do things and get away. They needed me to learn that actions have consequences. So hope this helps you.
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Well I believe that freedom should not be misused. Teenagers are free to enjoy their life in the best way possible but not anything in excess. The elders should first of all maintain a balanced routine  themselves so that the fellow person can learn something fruitful. Gadgets should be given but then the teenagers should also be given a warning regarding the increasing no.of friends circle. If they want to go outside then the return time should be within 10 to 10.30.
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