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Hi there, I am a 21 year old girl living with my parents. Both my mum and dad have had a wonderful relationship when I was younger but things got bitter as I grew up. They constantly argue and fight in a filthy manner and this really gets to me. I think the underlying issue is that my father is financially unstable. When I was younger, we were well off as a family but my father's financial status diminished considerably, because he couldn't stick to any job as it hurt his ego and respect to be rebuked by his bosses. This has led to my mother working single-handed and even though both my parents are wonderful people, my father can not save money and is a spendthrift. It becomes extremely difficult for my mother. We have tried telling him to get a job but he is too proud to work under anybody. He wants people to work under him and yet get paid. What will I do?
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You should just let him be and instead look for ways to support your mother. Separation is tough for children so it is better you take charge of your own life.
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Can't help it. Just stay with them tolerate it. They are your parents you can't just leave.
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