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Since you still haven't told your would-be, I'm answering this question assuming that your would-be isn't the type who would understand things like these and that you are skeptical about being honest in the marriage, which is fine. Some things are better kept a secret in order to protect a relationship and this is one of those. Most men in India won't take this lightly mainly because of the male ego, and that would show its effects on your relationship in the long run. As far as the medical side of things is concerned, the hymen breaks by many activities that women are involved in these days and it can't be blamed only on a sexual history. So my advice would be that you keep your share of secrets for I'm sure he has many he won't tell you either, and there is nothing to feel bad because of this as some relationships work better when we are honest about things that don't have bad implications.
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Trust me Indian men are rigid and too high in their ego to accept it. I have had my bad share of being too honest.

But trust me I feel tell him the truth so that later if your past crops up you wouldn't have to fear for the marriage to break. That will be even more painful.
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