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This has been a constant problem i face everytime we have a fight. Should I continue with this guy I love? Is it just me who is too serious about this guy? He is a charmer when in a good mood. The moment we get into a fight he threatens to breakup. Is that normal in every relationship or am I the one take him just too seriously though something tells me he doesn't deserve to be with me?
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Small tiffs are part of relationships, there is no denying in it. However, the constant threatening by your guy to leave you is not something approvable. If his mood swings forms a threat then you need to be more aware of it. Chances are you guy knows how to bully you and make to tell sorry a matter even though its not your fault. May be your guy has taken it as s kind of habit by using his threat as a manipulative device to play with your sentiments. You need to have a talk with him.Because in future this might make the situation more worse.
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A relationship just can't thrive only on love. It has to have three key components i.e love, respect, and trust. No matter how much you love someone the other two are equally important. If your bf uses the threat of breakup to stop you from putting your views in a fight it means he doesn't respect you enough to let you put your views. He can't be right all the time. According to me, you should have a talk with normally and if he threatens again just buck up a breakup. You deserve better.
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