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I am a very ambitious and single woman. I want to work for at least 2 years. My parents have seen a guy for me and are forcing me to get married. They are threatening and emotionally blackmailing. I am doing ME and I could not concentrate on my studies due to the mental pressure. I got placed in a good company but did not tell my parents since they are not supportive. I tried explaining them several times but they do not listen but yell. Pls help me
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Hey! I know this situation, my cousin had the similar one! we talked about this and my uncle was putting a lot of pressure on her. We cousins said she must focus in her career and she will meet someone she loves - she did finish her studies and met a great guy when studiing - her father likes him a lot and had to say that he was wrong in the first place. But it was a tough time back then.

So, stay true to what you feel and believe! At the end you must feel comfortable with it!
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I wish I had support like your cousin had, but unfortunately I don't. I have to face this all by my own. Thank you for your encouraging words.
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