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Hi All,

This is my first post...

I am very happy to find this site... Please help me with my problem...

 I am trying to conceive since 1 year and unsuccessful till date.. :-( My husband's younger brother got married last year and his wife is going to have a baby next month... This has made me very depressing... Anyways I still have lot of faith in God and believe that I will be very soon blessed with a child.... Now coming to my actual question... Last month I had my periods on March 4th... I usually have 30-35 day cycle... This month starting from April 2nd I had very light bleeding for 3 and a half days... It was very light... not even filling one pad in a day.. So my doubt is can this be implantation bleeding? I have read about implantation bleeding in the internet...

Did anyone face something similar to this?

Please tell me your views...
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2 Answers

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have you ever spoken with a doctor about this??
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It is important that you consult your doctor. Yes, implantation bleeding is common.

Are you experiencing any other pregnancy symptoms?
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