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We r independent working couple ..we stay apart for months due to job requirement. I found out he is calling his ex several times in day n in night too. Wen asked he lied to me but later I discovered he is in contact. Wat shud I do .. Shud I leave him or trust him back wic is very hard. As v stay apart I have no clue whether he has changed or again lieing to me.
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I'm no expert but the first thing you should do is sit with him and have a talk regarding this. Be very straightforward in your questions and tell him you want honest answers. That would help you to understand the situations, his reasons and give you an idea what decision would be best for the both of you.
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Please speak to him about this. If he accepts his mistake and is ready to mend his ways, it's ok. Else leave him. You compromising on things won't keep you happy.
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Yes you should totally talk about it. I mean it is not great he is doing this but maybe there is a reason and you should have a real open conversation about it!!!
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Lend a patience ear to your partner first.  I know it is difficult to trust him,once suspicion grows. But just for the sake of a peaceful conjugal life listen to the issues from his side. As his wife you have a right to judge him. If you think its a  misunderstanding, give ur relationship another chance. But if he is found guilty and continues doing the same task behind your back, you may leave him.
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