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It is so bad. I am 18 and I love my parents. But I do not love the boy my father wants me to marry with. He is nice I guess but physically not my thing and I just do not love him. I want to marry someone I love!!!! Why do so many people say arranged marriage is better then love marriage? I do not believe it. In America and England is love marriage!! Please help!!!!!
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Do what your heart says rather than taking a decision in haste. If you think love marriage will work best for you, just go for it. Your parents won't be around for long and who will you blame if things take a wrong turn in an arranged marriage?
Thanks for the advice, but not easy to take decisions against your parents, and they will hopefully also still be around a lot!! so difficult!
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Hello sweetie,

You are just 18 and marrying at this age is too early. If you do not like that person, just explain it to your parents about it or you can directly tell it to that guy himself. You are at the age where you have to go for education and pursue your dreams. Find your passion and work for it. Love or arranged, both depends upon the individuals based on their understanding and love towards each other. Don't confuse yourself dear. For now explain your dad and convince him that you do not want to marry that person. Go for college and get your degree. You will definitely find your true love at the right time regardless it being love or arranged. 

Do what you want my dear and make sure you convince your parents also. Wishing you a great life.


Hi Beno, thx for your comment. so sweet!!! I know i need to talk to my father but he has this idea.. good idea to talk to the guy as I think he doesnot love me neither so if we both speak to our parents could be smart! thank you!!!!
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