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He has family pressure so he get married last month but he doesn't want to leave me or end up everything ... He want me to wait for a year coz he will definitely end his marriage he is not happy with her he want to spend his life with me
M in dilemma I love him and don't want to lose him but I also don't want that a girl's life spoiled coz of me ...
But he is not happy with her he still cry for me he can do anything to make me happy he wants to spend his time with me
I don't know what is right to do I just can't see a single tear in his eyes
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is there any chance that this wedding can be undone? Also dies she love him at all? maybe she wants someone else as well?

Why did he marry her in the first place and not you????
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He tried hard to do that but coz of his father's health issues he can't stand
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is the family pressure real? what about her? she luvs him?mybe possible to end marriage, you talked about it?
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Yes it is ..coz still his father apologize for this decision and try to explain their issue
So his father also regrets the decision??

Why did e do it ? Girl so rich?

Poor girl!!

But in any case something should happen! Is the gel happy??
I have some medical issue I need atleast 1 n half year to recover all this and his father don't want a ill daughter in law....
The only person who is happy with this marriage his father nor him or his mother
well this changes everything....

so you are sick, need some time to recover and your boyfriend was nit allowed to wait?!

Maybe your boyfriend says he needs a year to wait in order to see if you get healthy again?! and if not he sticks with her? I am just saying this, probably not true but you might want to consider everything...

What does your boyfriend say? well, exboyfriend..
He has no problem with my health infct he tried to consult many doctors on his own ...
But due to his father decision he had to do that marriage u can't believe on his wedding day he called me in very morning n he just cry for his situation still when he got free he tried my no. Even he knew that he blocked I have 5 to 7 calls everyday
But he is normal also with his wife he is following all retual n he has to go with her out also
I just can't understand I know him from last seven years and yes I know he loved me but m afraid now if he changed after his wedding coz it's probably possible then I broked again
But I just can't neglect his efforts for making me happy, keep in touch with me if he is happy with his wedding then why he tried why he crying why ????
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Just you both try to talk with each other once and come to a conclusion ones where you both are happy and no one will get hurt. There is nothing more important than your loved ones happiness. Ask him, if he wish to stay with her then you have to forget him and same with him.

Don't take any hard decisions. Remember in life not everyone receives their loved ones love back,
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He decided to end his marriage but he need some time for it
But coz I love him a lot so I want that separation coz at the end he is mine ..... But as a person I feel sorry for that girl but m helpless in this condition
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I dont know want to say dear.... but i would personaly suggest u that in a 100% u must keep a 1% space in trust.... talk with him.... get a conclusion.... nd decide want u want... how u will remain happy... with him or without him....because i happy person can only keep his partner happy... try to sought out everything... talk to his father ... he will understand ur problem nd keep loving... stay happy... nd believe in destiny...
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What to say yr his father his family even a single who belong to him know about me except his wife n her family  ...
His still wants me to be a daughter n infct before taking any decision or buy new things he called me like beta ye kr rhe h esa kr rhe h
I won't understand that if his father really love me that much then why he choose another girl for his son
I got stuck don't know whom I have to discuss
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If  he could not stop the marriage he definitely will never have the guts to divorce that girl.  You should just let him go and  either ask him to take a stand or leave.  He needs to take care of his wife and not keep crying over you.   Since he chose to listen to his parents he clearly prioritises them over you. You should just move on and it is ethically wrong on your part to give him hopes .

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Maybe he loves you but that guy is spineless....if he can't stand for you before and got married...what are the chances he will leave that girl and marry you??? and God knows there will be family pressure about having children and probably one year after he will be a father then what....and trust me if he has never stood up for you before he will never take stand for you  in the future ...leave him for the best....he is having fun with two girls that's it
That is the reason of my dilemma also feel the same that's why I just wanna end up everything with him .,.. but when I see him cry and his efforts to be in contact with me  my heart melt .... He just don't wanna understand I blocked him everywhere but still he find a way to contact I can't find a way to end up
These are just crocodile tears.. don't wait for another year or another day... be brave...time for his wife and tell her your story and  then see what are his reactions....if he truly loves you then he will leave her and if not then you will know what he really is.....and if still he doesn't stop following you  take  help from  the cops....
Once I told him to give his wife no. he simply give her no. And he is ready with that but I I don't wanna spoil her life coz it's not her fault she is innocent but yes I will end up everything now with him
Thanks a lot
what you mean  you you told him to give her a no?

He needs to fgure out if he wants to be with you or not.

There is no point he stays with the other girl if he is not happy with her, then he will just ruin her life in the long term, so better to end it now instead of being unhappy all the life
I talked him today n tell him to figure out what he wants and still he has same words that he need sometime to prove others that he tried to adjust but he can't succeed then I told him to that Its ok I'll wait but till the day he can't separate from his wife we have to stop talking then he requested to be with him he doesn't want a single physical touch ....
But he doesn't want to stop talking
Now what u think is I have to end or try to behave as he want to do me so I have to talk him or just vanished
My sympathies. I have been through similar situation and I can understand your condition.I know you are hurting inside.But the hard truth is he is not coming back.As you say that he wants time but after that time he will asks for more time and will give other excuses,he will always have excuses and this cycle will continue.Leave him immediately ,if he has truly loved you then he would not have married the other girl in the first place.Dont ruin your life.Get a bf or husband and move on for your own sake.
Thanks I also feel the same ....
Thanks a lot for Clr my mind n thoughts
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U won't believe bt same was the situation of mine i dnt know its coincidence or wht bt my ex also got married last mnth n he behaved d same lyk ur bf did infact he tried to commit suicide jst bcz i stopped talking bt i straight away told him dat if he dnt hv guts to stop all this n take a stand dn he dnt hv any right to create a mess for me....bcz lyk today u r forced to marry..u vil b forced ti have children aftr sumtym and wht about me. I vil b jst waiting for u lyk a fool...he also didn't wanted to end up wid me bt then i  realised dat if evry1 wud come to know abt our relation thn dey would blame me rather then him as u know our society dey vil only see girls fault n i aslo told dat wht is d mistake of dat girl who is going to marry u.. i m not going to spoil life of 3 people..that was d day before his marriage nd till then he didn't contacted me So i suggest u to do d same if he really luv u he vil take a stand or either end up all the things n u knw wht its almost 1 month of his marriage n i think he is happy in his new life..same vil b wid u. He vil forget evrything aftr sumtym bcz if some 1 dnt hv the courage to take a stand today he can never ever do it so u better get over on him and move on and be happy!! My wishes r wid u.
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Thank u so much for sharing this now m 200% sure on my decision to end up all things with him
God bless u too dear
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You tell him to talk to his wife  and be enough  straightforward. Politely and fairly tell her everything  thing.  By this may be she will understand  him and also his wife's  thought  will come upfront. If he truely loves you,  the way you  love him, he should  take this chance.
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