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Hi Frnds,

One of our frnd is going through tough period in her marriage. Her husband left her in in-laws home and fled to US in just 2 months of marriage. Its been over 1 year and he dont call-up her. He call at his mom's mobile, when she answers the call, immediately MIL snatch mobile.

On her relatives interference to resolve the matter, they became more cold to her and gave silent treatment. She moved to her parental house. Though we have suggested her to complain in Police and they would catch her in-laws and make this guy come to take her back. If they over smart what could be action points. can we complain about him in his office. Now-a-days many MNC have strict policies when it comes to harassing and frauds.

please advise.
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Your friend should definitely file a case against her husband instead of tolerating such nonsense. Getting married doesn't mean she has sold herself. Only when more women like her will come forward and demand for their legitimate rights can such crimes stop. However, it is better if you approach the police and then let them approach his office otherwise it will not be of any help.
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Hi Sam very tough one! Did the spouse / family of spouse ever try to talk to parents just to understand the reasons? I think there should be some other trials to get some answers and if not then maybe police yes, if it doesnt work otherwise? They know where in the US he lives and what he does? It begins with trying to find out what happened!!
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I think company will not do anything for this matter. She can find some one in guys company and try to get his mobile number. May be she can look through his friends in facebook . Now a days companies keep the mobile numbers of employees in their directories. A simple search of name would give the complete details of the employee. Your friend can also find some one who works in that company with out the knowledge of her hubby knowing this. She can probably call him and record that call as a proof with out him knowing. I have found my ex number like this only he has changed his number and played games.also ask her to write a formal mail to his companies mail id cling her saying when he would take her and she can't bear the harrassment of the whole family here
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