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I want my children to get proper nutrition from the food they eat. Given the fact that there is so much junk around, I am worried they are missing out on essential vitamins that they need during the growth years. How do I prepare tasty food that has good nutritional values too?
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I believe you speak for most all mothers when you say that your children are picky eaters. Sure getting proper nutrition has become really tough these days and added to that is the fact that all the vegetable available in the market have high chemical content in them. You can opt for organic vegetables but they are (a) hard to come by everywhere in the country, and (b) might be out of the pocket. If you have to make use of the regular vegetables in the market then what you can do is look for recipes on the internet to make the ordinary veggies interesting. Once they start taking exotic yet healthy tiffins to school the attention their lunch boxes will receive from other students are sure to make them a fan.
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