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I guess I am the first here cheeky I am Shreya from Mumbai, I work as a software engineer. My parents fixed my marriage in early January. But I don't know much about him as he is form "USA" there might be high chance of him being a "bad" person. So, I just wanted to ask is there any way to find out about him so that I can really trust him in my future.

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Have you been in touch with him? Do you guys converse? I think it is very important to meet and spend time with the person you are going to marry. It takes a whole lot of time to get to know a person wholly but it is possible to analyse one to an extent by mingling with them on an intimate level. You have to get to know him in person. Both of you must spend quality time together, get to know each other; understand as to how compatible you are with each other. You have to most importantly figure out if you both can connect on various levels. Mingle with him - it is the only way to get to know him as a prospective life partner. All the best!
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You should talk to him, via skype or whatsapp, exchange mails and letters! You need to get to know him better I would say. And also even though he is Indian he is living in the US and has a different lifestyle and maybe different influences so you should meet. Where will yiu be living?
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