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My boyfriend is reasonably romantic but he never wants to do anything apart from sitting at home, making out, cuddling or going out to eat or watch a movie. It gets frustrating to me at times. His idea of fun is constricted when it comes to me but never around his friends. crying

He won't want to go to any couple concerts or events for couples, to dances or any such gatherings for couples because he says he feels shy. He is not fond of public display of affection but we do need to spend quality time together apart from making out or eating. How do I get him to understand that it is important for the relationship?

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you should tell him to go out with you and if he does not then meet other friends - I am sure he then will come pretty soon ;-)
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You should talk to him clearly and calmly about this. You should make him understand that you feel the need to be out and do something more exciting to feel socially connected. If he is shy or something make him meet your or his friends at home first and when he is okay with that try to make outing plans with whom he is comfortable. This is the only way he will give it a thought because his comfort around people he is with is important to him. Hope this wil help you.
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