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Hi, we are married for 4 years now and have a 18 months kid. I had to face humiliation from my in-laws and husband. I came for delivery to my parents house and informed my husband that I will not stay with his parents as they have denied to take care of the kid and inreturn asked my salary to give it to them. I have faced sexual harrassment from my father in-law and mental torture from my mother in-law for which my husband never supported me. He never listened to me and ordered me to follow his parents. As I couldn't accept it, he didn't look back to our kid. He neither calls asking abou the kid nor comes to see him.
Now he has filed a divorce on a cruelty basis that I have harrassed them to death.
I thought he would change by looking at the kid but he wants a divorce so that he could a different lady who could give him so much of money.
I have accepted for the divorce but my parents are pressuring me that life wouldn't be easy as a single parent.
It's really stressful to think further.
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Don't fixate on what happened and make your present hard. Things occur. Now think about your kid. And what to do next.
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