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Our relationship will be of one year soon and my boyfriend wants to have sex it's not like we didn't get physical ofcourse we have done everything but sex as i was not ready and now he was asking again about this but the problem is i am ready to have sex the only problem is it comes with a great price and that is being pregnant i have read so many stories about unwanted pregnancies and i dont want to go through it the only option is to visit to a together to get more information so this kind of problem doesn't arise but i am scared to tell him about this as once he told me that "how can you get pregnant when i am gonna use a condom?" I love him alot i dont want to loose him over this sex thing what should i do
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If you both are adults and you are completely comfortable with this man then I don't think there should be an issue. Moreover when he's using a protection then I don't see any chances of getting an unwanted pregnancy. But at the end of the day it's your choice completely and it should be. Just remember no one should be forcing you if you ain't ready and if you still worried about getting pregnant then you guys could google it how to use it properly if he hasn't done it before. Using a good brand condom will keep you safe no matter what.
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Just make sure if you want it you can say yes.

But there are contraceptive methods other than condoms, you can use pill of maybe double the condoms.

Just be sure that you are okay with it.
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