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My boyfriend of 3 years was very sexually inexperienced before we started dating. He is very shy and vanilla in bed and is not willing to go outside of his comfort zone. I love him very much but I have not  been sexually satisfied once in the entirety of our relationship. I've asked him hundreds of times to try giving me oral sex but he refuses to do so. I've explained to him that I'm unsatisfied with our sex life but now I think I've put to much pressure on him and he is scared by the entire act of sex. He doesn't want to disappoint me so he rarely ever has sex with me at all.  (mind you I am 21 years old! too young to be settling in a sexless, passionless relationship.) He's a great partner outside of that, and I don't want to end things with him but I am so sexually frustrated and I really can't go on like this. Is this relationship salvageable??
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Did you ask why he doesnt want to it maybe  fear based off of inexperience.  If you have you may have to pet him go or you will continue  to be sexually frustrated.  Life is too short to be with someone who doesnt want or unable to reciprocate. You will resent him further fldown the road if this continues and it will  be an even messier break up. Do yourself a favor admit you tried to work with him and move on you have mixed matches sex drive.... a thought occured he may be in the  closet and not ready to come ourlt
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I just get naked in front of him. That makes him horny just looking at me and then he suddenly feels like having sex
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