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My partner and I have been together almost 3 years, our sex life was never very frequent, but lately it's become so rare, we are talking once every two months for less than 5 minutes... I am getting very frustrated and desperate because at this point i am not sure whether he loves me or just stays with me for my money, because i make quite a bit more than him. Could he be feeling emasculated because I could function perfectly on my own, but he would struggle financially without me? I have tried talking to him numerous times, but he just says he's "not like that" or he's too tired or his head hurts. I don't think he is asexual, as he's had women before, I don't know if I am the problem, I try to look after myself and still look alright for my age (31), people always say i look like still in the early twenties but recently i put on a bit of weight because of the abstinence and the depression is getting worse day by day... please help, any advice welcome.
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Try getting intimate with other than sex. Try sex talk, role plays and all.

And remember being patient is not a bad idea in these scenarios.
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