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I am 22 and so is one of my best friends. She and I have known each other forever. We share almost everything with each other and am extremely affectionate towards her. But there is one thing that I find a little absurd even though I have almost always ignored it as playful. She has the habit of touching me, very playfully. I have tried to ask her whether she is attracted to me or something in a different way but she denies very convincingly. But I don't know why I think that it is not normal for a straight person to want to touch someone often. Is it normal for girlfriends to touch each other or is it something that is of concern?
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This will completely depend on the type of bond you both share plus individual perspectives. Some bestiees find it comfortable in kissing each other on the lips as a gesture of love while some might just limit themselves to shaking hands or simply exchanging hugs. You will have to find out what is the boundary for physical touch you are comfortable and your friend is. If your friend is an extrovert who doesn't hesitate from indulging in such touches casually with others then it is possible that your comprehension is wrong. Well! If you really think that the touch is awkward and strange and doesn't lie in your normal zone, then you must observe more and try and find out the reason triggering such touch. If she is a lesbian, then she might not come out openly because obviously she will be scared about losing the friendship or simply fearing her acceptance. Do not panic while she touches you. If you really doubt that something is fishy, give her the space and comfort to bring out things to you confidently.
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