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So, I've been masturbating since puberty got a hold of me at -13ish. Since I've been to uni, I've done the adult thing and graduated from spit and fingers to actual lube and a vibrator. I'm now 19, and I've had time to figure out what I like. Not once in the 6 year period between first awkward poke around and current sessions have I ever experienced an orgasm - I just figured I was incapable, as apparently some women are.

Then today, I lay down, and after about two hours (I know, but it takes me a while to properly get there) and reading an erotic story (which, may I add, I have read several times before in similar sessions without any of the following results) my stomach started feeling tight. Well, not quite my stomach, but lower. I know that's technically where my womb/uterus is, but it felt like I had swallowed a sponge or something. This has happened a couple of times before, but both after I started using the vibrator which I can go a lot longer with than when using just my own hand, as the vibrator doesn't get tired and won't slow down automatically when I start feeling a bit overwhelmed. About ten minutes after that tight feeling (which I still have a bit of) I started- well, I started weeing. Except I only realized when the liquid went down my leg; I hadn't felt it at all, and it took me a minute to get my bearings as I was a little overcome in the moment, by which time the stream had stopped. Standing up felt weird as well, like my legs weren't quite in time with each other.

So now I'm in the position that my bed sheets are covered in this clear liquid that doesn't smell like wee, I have no idea what just happened and I'm wondering if that was an orgasm. It felt good - like, really good - but I'd kind of figured that after so many years with no results, and doing the exact same things as always, I couldn't orgasm. Plus, when I've heard about squirting, I figured it was a literal squirt, rather than a dribble. Essentially, my question is this - was that an orgasm, and if it was why did it only just happen?

(Also, how the hell do you treat whatever this liquid is to get it out of sheets? Cause I am NOT asking my mum.)
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What is an orgasm? Orgasm is not just about pleasure. It is also an important aspect of women’s health as it triggers the release of the hormones, which help the body relax, reduce stress, help fight depression, and offer opportunities for full physical and mental development.

My experience I didn't figure out how until I was 16, when somebody got into a sexual topic in a chatroom. Before I knew it I was covered in white goo and I almost passed out.

The day you first masturbate, you're lighting a fire you can never extinguish for the rest of your life!

 My answer I don't think its necessary for you to tell your mum about this. She can understand :P

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