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I have been in a relationship for almost six years now. My boyfriend is verbally very abusive and mistreats me. I am struggling with depression because of this. He has short temper but he has been very helpful also over the years. I don't know whether to stick to him or move on. What do i do? I love him for sure.
asked Jun 24 by Varsha Agnihotri | 1,027 views

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Have you tried talking to him about this? If not then do it asap. Love should give you the ultimate peace you always wanted in your life. It is something which shows you your worth and makes you believe in yourself. If there's not even a hint of such feeling you know what to do girl! BREAKUP!
answered Jun 24 by Chandni
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Love is one thing, but it cannot last without respect!

You can talk to him once maybe but if he does not change you should breakup, it will only get worse, imagine you are married...

he probably has some issues with himself but that is not your problem!
answered Jun 28 by Zania
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You gotta talk to him about it. Maybe there's something in his mind that's making him do this.....maybe he's suspicious......

Try to find out the reason....try to get to the root of the's after discovering that......u may decide to stick to him or move on.
answered Jul 24 by anonymous
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